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Thoughts from a Mom:  
​​"I never worry about what you are teaching because I watch the way you interact, love and listen to the kids in the class. This makes me feel good about sending my kids to all your wonderful classes. When they come home and are able to tell me what they learned in detail shows me that the way you teach and keep things so interesting is working. Just the other day I asked my son what he was learning in class and 20 minutes later I finally had to stop him to take care of a another child in the house. I was amazed. Thank you so much."

                          -Mom of four Building Young Leaders students
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​Building Young Leaders
​​*All currently enrolled students receive complimentary membership in the Young Leaders Association throughout the time they are enrolled.

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​Young Leaders ​
​Performing Arts Company
By invitation & audition!

​YLPAC is a brand new addition to our YLPA program for our most committed performers!

With Leadership ​​at it's core, and special opportunities for members, that include beginning to tour locally!

Enrollment in at least one YLPA class is required

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​2015-2016 Performing Arts
​Have Been Announced!!!
'Interactive, Interest-based, & Inspiring' Academic Enrichment classes
'Always Clean, Always Classy' Young Leaders Performing Arts classes
for Youth/Teens​ & Children​​